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Name:Orin Bartholomew West
Birthdate:Sep 12
Location:Los Altos, California, United States of America
Agent West is cocky, full of himself, dedicated to his job and recklessly brave. He's a member of the National Security Agency and isn't likely to ever resign; when asked what he'd do if he retired, he once quipped 'is the local PD hiring?'. He loves his job and his friends and is for the most part content with his life. Though he has a lot to prove to people, he's also genuinely altruistic and wants to make the world a better place. He wants to help people. His job is how he does that. Though he isn't the best shot in the world, he will never give up and never surrender. He likes junk food, speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and dislikes the way metahumans are taking up so much of law enforcement. At thirty one years old, he's currently unmarried and not really looking for romance. He's a fairly standard member of the NSA. Many, many on the job injuries and near death experiences are a part of his past courtesy of his job, but he will never quit, never let anything get him down and, with the exception of a few key moments, he is the calm comedic relief of his team. He's a total dork who loves movies and follows certain in-universe celebrities religiously, he'll gossip about any of his superior officers, and he is a pungeon master.

Oh, and his father is Wally West aka the Flash, but he's done a lot to keep that secret. After all, he wants to make friends and/or get promoted based on who he is, not who his father is. Being the only child of three to not get superpowers hasn't done anything to help his Chronic Hero Syndrome; if anything, it's the root of it. He's got some issues with his father, but he'll still defend him. It's complicated. He loves his family deeply, but he wishes that he had superpowers like the rest of them so he could help more people. He really wants to help people - it's his core motivation in life. Although he's not as good an Agent as he wants to be, canon implies he really wants to be a hero like his family.

Mun and muse are over 18. The Zeta Project, the Flash and all other related media are not mine. I'm just playing.
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